Using the Services in ArcMap (Version 10)

Please note that these instructions differ when using Google Chrome.

  • From the home page, click on Data.
  • In the Data Registry, navigate to the layer of interest, click the map services icon World iconassociated with the layer, and then choose the Esri ArcServer REST map service.
  • On the layer service page, you’ll need to navigate up one folder to the main service page by selecting it from the links at the top of the page.
  • At the top of the main service page, click on ArcMap from the “View In:” menu.
    • A layer file (.lyr) is created which contains the symbology and other related parameters used to display this service in ArcMap.
    • Note the location where this file is saved.
    • Open ArcMap 10 using the instructions below for your preferred browser. Please note that previous versions of ArcMap may not be compatible with services.
    • For Chrome and Firefox browsers, ArcMap will automatically open with the layer file already added in the table of contents. If ArcMap is already open, the layer will be added to your existing map.
    • For browsers other than these, manually open ArcMap 10. Click the Add Data button and navigate to the location where this file was saved. Highlight this layer and click Add.
  • Once this service has been added to the map display, click on the check box next to the name of this layer to view all of the layers the service may contain. All the layers within the service are turned off by default. Turn on the layers you want to view.
  • Further expand to view the symbology for a particular feature class.

PLEASE NOTE: Spatial data and metadata are available for download in their native format from an authoritative source. Downloading these data is highly recommended if you wish to use the data for analysis. Visit the Data Registry ( for more information.