Using Geospatial Information to Make More Persuasive "Effects Arguments"

State coastal resource agencies frequently need to demonstrate to NOAA's National Interest Team the effects of proposed federal actions on a state's coastal uses or resources. Using maps and data can help the coastal management community make more effective arguments about these effects by visually highlighting the location of the proposed action in relation to coastal uses and resources, such as recreational uses, fisheries areas, or sensitive habitat areas. This webinar will highlight data and its portfolio of tools and demonstrate how the various components of the project can be used by those looking for authoritative marine spatial data.

In this webinar, participants will

  • Hear from NOAA's National Interest Team on the dos and don'ts of making effective arguments
  • Gain a better understanding of what data and tools are available on
  • Learn how to search for data and create custom maps

Presenters: Kerry Kehoe, Mark Finkbeiner (NOAA Office for Coastal Management),
Christine Taylor (Bureau of Ocean Energy Management)