Study Says Offshore Wind Farms Won’t Keep Most People from Enjoying the Beach

Most beachgoers’ are indifferent to wind farms built at least 5 miles from the shore, according to a new study in the journal Energy Policy. The Energy News Network reports that University of Delaware researchers presented survey takers with high-quality online simulations of 100 wind turbines in the ocean at distances ranging from 2.5 to 20 miles. While 53% said the sight of the turbines would detract from their beach experience at 2.5 miles from shore, that dropped to 38% at 7.5 miles and 29% at 10 miles. There were even people that said the presence of turbines actually improved their beach experience at distances of 10 miles or greater.

Nik Hennessy/Macroworks

Photo credit: Nik Hennessy/Macroworks