New Data and Updates Next Week

New data and cartography updates are coming to Marine Cadastre next week. Here’s the list of what’s in store. Check back here or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more information.

New Layers:

  • Wastewater Outfalls

Updated Layers:

  • Federal OCS Sand and Gravel Borrow (Lease Areas) – new/updated data, metadata and service
  • Weather Radar Impact Zones

Other Updates:

  • NASCA Submarine Cables – updated content in legend and description
  • 2011 Vessel Tracklines – replaces 4 regional datasets: East Coast Vessel Traffic by Type, West Coast Vessel Traffic by Type, Great Lakes Vessel Traffic by Type, and Gulf of Mexico Vessel Traffic by Type.
  • Two new collections in the Digital Coast Data Registry
    • Wastewater Outfalls
    • NASCA Submarine Cables