New Data and Updates are on Their Way

New data and updates are on their way from our data managers to you! See the list below and stay tuned for their release.

New Layers:

  • Congressional Districts
  • Marine Minerals Significant Sand Resource Blocks – hosted by BOEM, coverage in GOM only
  • North Atlantic Right Whales Seasonal Management Areas
  • Ocean Current Resource Potential: Mean Power Density
  • Ocean Current Resource Potential: Mean Speed
  • West Coast Canopy-Forming Kelp

Updated Layers:

  • West Coast EFH Conservation Areas – previously “Pacific Groundfish EFH Areas with Fishing Restrictions”
  • Federal Georegulation Identification - layer optimized for faster identification results

Existing Layers with New External Service:

  • Coastal Maintained Channels
  • EFH Areas Protected from Fishing
  • Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) Shoreline
  • Essential Fish Habitat (EFH)
  • Habitat Areas of Particular Concern
  • MPA Inventory – MPAs by Fishing Restriction
  • MPA Inventory – MPAs by Government Level

Other Updates:

  • Added Uses link to 3 layers: Tropical Cyclone Exposure (North Atlantic), Tropical Cyclone Exposure (Eastern Pacific), and Tropical Cyclone Storm Segments
  • Removing High Frequency Radar Radial Ranges layer due to the layer being outdated and no new data being made available by the provider.