New Data and Updates are Live!

The new data sets and updates listed below are now live! Head on over to the data registry or national viewer to check them out. Remember to clear your cache first and to use the new national viewer.

New Layers:

  • 2013 Vessel Tracklines (no service, registry only)
  • 2013 Vessel Density
  • 2013 Cargo Vessel Density
  • 2013 Fishing Vessel Density
  • 2013 Passenger Vessel Density
  • 2013 Pleasure Craft and Sailing Vessel Density
  • 2013 Tanker Vessel Density
  • 2013 Tug and Towing Vessel Density
  • Atlantic Fishing Revenue Intensity, 2007-2012
  • Deep-Sea Coral Observations
  • Economics National Ocean Watch- Gross Domestic Product
  • Tropical Cyclone Exposure (Eastern Pacific)
  • Tropical Cyclone Exposure (North Atlantic)
  • Tropical Cyclone Storm Segments
  • West Coast Commercial Fishing Closures, 2015
  • West Coast Rockfish Conservation Areas, 2015
  • West Coast Recreational Fishing Closures, 2015

Updated Layers:

  • Artificial Reefs
  • Critical Habitat Designations – only Hawaiian Monk Seal habitat refreshed per NMFS
  • Oil and Natural Gas Wells

Other Updates:

  • The National Viewer service is being retired. Find the layers within the BOEM layers and BoundariesAndRegions services
  • Removing the following layers
    • Pinniped Haul Outs (California)
    • Pinniped Rookeries (California)
    • Gray Whale Migration (California, Graphical Representation Only, Not Official)