Ready, Set, Live! New Data and Updates are Ready

The new data sets and updates listed below are now live! Head on over to the data registry or national viewer to check them out. Remember to clear your cache first.

New Layers:

  • Individual Marine Mammals Species Models
  • Marine Mammal Total Abundance
  • Marine Mammal Species Richness
  • North Atlantic Right Whale, December Abundance
  • North Atlantic Right Whale, June Abundance
  • Marine Mammal Low Frequency Sound Sensitivity Abundance
  • Marine Mammal Medium Frequency Sound Sensitivity Abundance
  • Marine Mammal High Frequency Sound Sensitivity Abundance
  • Individual Fish Species
  • Fish Total Biomass
  • Fish Species Richness
  • Individual Avian Species Abundance Models
  • Individual Avian Species Occurrence Models
  • Avian Total Relative Abundance
  • Avian Species Richness
  • Avian Higher Collision Sensitivity Abundance
  • Avian Higher Collision Sensitivity Species Richness
  • Avian Higher Displacement Sensitivity Abundance
  • Avian Higher Displacement Sensitivity Species Richness

Other Updates:

  • New Source Info link for the US Atlantic Coast Fishing Atlas.