Data Updates

Ready, Set, Live! New Data and Updates are Ready

The new data sets and updates listed below are now live! Head over to the data registry or national viewer to check them out. Remember to clear your cache first.

New Layers:

  • Indian Lands (replaces 'Coastal Tribal Lands' layer)
  • Alaska Native Corporations
  • Alaska Native Villages
  • South Carolina Marine Bird Density (existing service that is currently used only in the South Carolina Offshore Renewable Energy Planning regional map)
  • Marine-Life Data and Analysis Team (MDAT) layers
    • Fish Species Richness: Fall
    • Fish Species Richness: Spring
    • Fish Total Biomass: Fall
    • Fish Total Biomass: Spring

Updated Layers:

  • Marine Place Names (full data update)
  • Seagrasses (full data update)
  • Federal Consistency Geographic Location Descriptions (added Rhode Island GLD amendment)

Updated Layer Elements:

  • Outer Continental Shelf Sand and Gravel Borrow Areas (updated metadata link, additional info link, and tags)
  • Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf Aliquots with Sand Resources (updated download link, metadata link, and additional info link)
  • Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf Blocks with Significant Sand Resources (updated metadata link and additional info link)
  • Deep-Sea Soft Coral Habitat Suitability (updated symbology)
  • Deep-Sea Stony Coral Habitat Suitability (updated symbology)
  • Marine-Life Data and Analysis Team (MDAT) layers
    • North Atlantic Right Whale: December Abundance (updated map service link)
    • North Atlantic Right Whale: June Abundance (updated map service link)

Please note that the Zoom to Layer functionality does not yet work on all layers. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as we can.