Another Round of Updates in the Works

It’s that time again! Here’s the list of new data sets, updates, and other additions going live on May 29, 2015. New Layers

  • 2011 Great Lakes Vessel Traffic by Type (only in registry)
  • 2011 Gulf of Mexico Vessel Traffic by Type (only in registry)
  • 2011 Vessel Traffic (AIS)
  • U.S. Atlantic Fishing Atlas
Updated Layers
  • Ocean Disposal Sites
  • Shipping Lanes and Regulations
  • Raster Nautical Charts
  • OCS - Oil and Gas Resource Plays
  • NOAA NOS Hydrographic Survey Data
  • 2011 Vessel Density Layers- Added density grid for the Gulf of Mexico and Great Lakes
Other Updates
  • Updated description for Essential Fish Habitat layers (Essential Fish Habitat and EFH Areas Protected from Fishing)
  • Renamed Groundfish EFH to Pacific Groundfish EFH Areas with Fishing Restrictions
  • Added uses write ups for:
    • Seagrasses
    • Shipping Lanes and Regulations
    • Essential Fish Habitats
    • EFH Areas Protected from Fishing
    • Benthic Cover