Another Round of AIS Data is on the Horizon

Our team is currently processing nation-wide vessel traffic data for 2015 to 2017. We expect to have this available by late summer 2018 with data samples available this spring. This new batch will add

  • identification information for vessels
  • a copy of the raw vessel and voyage data in NMEA format for validation
  • a new and open (CSV - flat file) format
  • more complete and more accurate vessel characteristics records.

In addition, we have several tools we plan to release to enable more flexibility:

  • A data loading tool for easier transition from CSV data into ArcGIS compatible formats
  • A new version of the Track Builder tool for the ArcGIS 10.x and ArcGIS Pro platforms
  • A Model Builder tool to help generate vessel count grids from track line data

We will send additional emails when these data and products are available.

AIS Data Update