2016 AIS Data Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of the 2016 vessel tracking, or AIS, data for the nation. Noteworthy changes with this release include:

  • a new and open (CSV - flat file) format
  • identification information for vessels
  • more complete and more accurate description of vessels
  • PDF explaining the AIS vessel type and group codes.

In addition, we now have Track Builder Pro 1.0 in our collection of AIS tools. The Track Builder Pro toolbox converts vessel positions into track lines, and track lines into a grid. Each grid cell reports the total number of times a vessel has passed through it. Input data can be in either a comma separated variable format or an existing file geodatabase. Users can define valid gap parameters along a track, and the resolution of the transit grid. AIS track lines and transit count grids can be used to generate maps of vessel traffic for transportation analysis and coastal and ocean planning. This toolbox requires ArcGIS Pro 1.2.x or above with a Spatial Analyst license.

In the coming months we will release data for 2017. We will send additional emails as they become available. Please visit our Vessel Traffic Data page for the full suite of products.

2016 AIS Data